Nan Mehtar as observed by the PCs.

player map20.jpg
The visible town is Chepdale. The black lines are good quality roads. The brown ones near Chepdale are trails suitable for sturdy, low-speed wagons.
The fort southeast of Chepdale is the old Imperial Fort, now manned by Longstrand soldiers.
The fort further south is Fort Drycliff, home to the Coldstone Clan of Mountain Dwarves.
The small fortification north and west of Chepdale along the road is The Resting Griffon.
The large fortification in the north is Lemyanost. The brown line leading southwest from it is the War Trail.
Mountains with large, red dots note the presence of volcanoes.

Maps acquired by PCs: Map Scrap, Kobold Map, Drycliff Valley, and Brazerin's Tower Map.