Most of Nan Mehtar's geography is uncertain, but there are some areas where dwarves, elves and humans keep most of the danger at bay. And there are some places rarely seen, but so important that everyone knows of them. Below you will find the best known structures outside Chepdale. All these places have some sort of access to the very limited road and trail network in Nan Mehtar, and as such should be easy to find, if one can survive the journey.

Fort Drycliff

Home to the Coldstone Clan of mountain dwarves, Fort Drycliff can be reached in one day by determined travellers. They follow a tramped and stamped trail that a sturdy wagon can traverse well enough, as long as the weather is fair. Most travellers cut the journey in two, resting for the night at the Southern Watchtower.
The Coldstone Clan mine for mithril ore in the mountains, which explains their presence here so far from other dwarves, and in such contested territory. The clan has a treaty of mutual defence with Tavarinor, and they cooperate with the Chepdale Regulars in patrolling the area.
Fort Drycliff does not generally welcome uninvited guests, and are careful who they let inside their walls. Their numbers are few, and treachery could well be disastrous – and they are mountain dwarves.

Imperial Fort

Longstrand holds the old Imperial Fort, which stands on an excellent road through the mountain pass between Chepdale and the Longstrand lowlands. The Longstrand troops patrol the road from here to their home regularly, though it is not particularly dangerous territory. Chepdale Regular patrols often spend the night at the fort, or seek shelter if the weather turns bad.

Khaz Zirâk

An abandoned dwarven city, which used to be the home of the Firebeard clan. Its northern gate lies in southern Drycliff Valley, and it is overrun by nasty and evil creatures that come up from the Underdark. Adventuring in this area uses special rules for navigating the vast complexes and tunnel networks, and having a dwarf along can do much to improve the chances of success.


Two days journey northwest of Chepdale for most merchant caravans, even on so good a road, this strong fortress blocks access to the pass that leads from Nan Mehtar to Tavarinor. The high elves patrol the area around it vigorously and with considerable stealth. It is also the closest human merchants come to Tavarinor, where they pick up pre-arranged orders of wares to take south. Such business is conducted inside the keep’s outermost wall. The elves are very careful who they allow further inside than that.
There is a clear trail from Lemyanost heading west, leading through the forest of Vorëahendi and the Battle Plain, arriving at Ragburz after maybe three days of journey.


The orcs of Shargûldor constructed this stronghold to assure their presence in Nan Mehtar. From here, the orcs issue forth, usually in raiding parties, but sometimes in vast hordes. Their main desire is to break Lemyanost of the high elves, but other peoples in Nan Mehtar also come under attack on occasion.
The area near Ragburz is crawling with orcs, their allies and their slaves, and it is among the most dangerous places in all of Nan Mehtar.

The Resting Griffon

Approximately halfway between Lemyanost and Chepdale, this large inn has sprung up, to give shelter to caravans going back and forth, as they cannot usually make the journey in a single day. The area is the most dangerous part of the route, although both Chepdale Regulars and elven scouts patrol it regularly. Therefore, the inn is fortified and manned by troops at all times.
The prices are high, but few would grumble about that, when the alternative is spending the night outside.


The Chepdale Regulars maintain three watchtowers, called the North, West and South Tower, respectively. The West and South Towers serve to keep an eye on the two passages through a mountain range to the west of Chepdale. These towers are particularly beset by kobolds – the forest visible from their tops is often called The Kobold Forest. The North Tower watches over the hills to the north of Chepdale, where goblin raiders often come from. All the towers serve as bases for patrols, and can easily be reached in a day from Chepdale, with well-travelled trails marking the best routes.