The Bleak Highlands

The explorers who have reported anything credible about this region claim it contains very few intelligent kinds of life. There does seem to be considerable giant activity in the area, but few dwellings.
It lies to the southwest of Nan Mehtar, reaching Shargûldor in the north and The Great Plains to its east. What lies to its south and west is unknown.

Ettin Moors

Though named for the two-headed ettins, many kinds of giant live in this region. What realms they have established here, and how they interact, is a mystery. Other lesser creatures, especially hobgoblins, also live here, and no doubt orcs encroach from the west.
It lies to the north of Nan Mehtar, and it has The Frigid Sea as its own north border. To its west it borders on Shargûldor, and to its east the same mountain range that Nan Mehtar is part of.


The human Kingdom of Longstrand is ruled by King Kenric ‘the Mariner’, whose grandfather united Longstrand after the fall of the Empire. Before that, Longstrand was the better part of a province.
Longstrand is fairly wealthy by human standards, being a trading nation with a vast mercantile navy and the only way for other humans to trade with Tavarinor. The king’s nobles are not entirely above squabbling and backstabbing, but Longstrand has been at peace for the twenty or so years that King Kenric has sat on the throne.
Longstrand lies to the east of Nan Mehtar, with a short border to the Mournwind Highlands to the southwest. Most of its southern border is the shores of the Emperor’s Ocean. From these, Longstrand takes its name. To its east lie the old Empire’s former provinces. And to the north of Longstrand is The Vast Swamp which separates it from Tavarinor.

The Great Plains

Vast and mostly unexplored, The Great Plains are firstly thought of as the home to gnolls, though other humanoids live here too. The old Empire had a province on the shore of The Great Plains, which has fallen apart and turned to infighting. This region is known derisively as The Baronies.
Situated to the south of Nan Mehtar (with the Mournwind Highlands in between), its known borders are The Emperor’s Ocean to part of its south and The Bleak Highlands to its west.

Mournwind Highlands

A lower, crumbling part of the mountain range that Nan Mehtar is part of, the Mournwind Highlands sustain little intelligent life, but is home to gnomes. The rocky shores of The Emperor’s Ocean to the east have been the doom of many a sailing ship, and the wind and the waves always seem to hammer and bite the brittle rocks from that direction. To The west lie the Great Plains, and to the north Nan Mehtar. There is a short border with Longstrand in the northeast, as well.


When the orcs on the northern continent started the Great War of Dwarves and Orcs over a thousand years ago, they did not know it was going to mean their virtual extinction in that area. Though estimates are hard to make, it is believed that well over half of the orcs in that region died in that conflict, maybe as many as nine out of ten.
Following this crushing defeat, the remaining orcs fled across The Frigid Sea and founded Shargûldor. Here they once again grew in numbers, and their defeat seems to have taught them some basic skills of organization and administration. Orc tribes are a fact of life on every continent in the known world, but in Shargûldor they band together and plan for the long haul. Their numbers are unknown, but no doubt enormous.
Shargûldor lies to the west and north of Nan Mehtar, its western and northern parts stretching out of the known world. To its east it borders on The Ettin Moors, and to its south The Bleak Highlands.


Ruled for millennia by Queen Sairataris, Tavarinor is the oldest of the high elf realms in the known world, though not the greatest. The elves have kept to themselves as much as possible, their borders making it easy; to the north the Frigid Ocean, to the east The Vast Swamp, and to the south and west the mountain range Nan Mehtar is part of.
Almost two hundred years ago, Crown Prince Mahtarion’s wife was travelling in the south of Tavarinor, when her entourage was attacked by Shadowsong hobgoblins, unable to resist the tempting target. The princess and her friends and servants all died that night, and their belongings were taken back to Nan Mehtar, where the Shadowsong was the dominant force. But it was impossible to hide what had happened from the elven trackers and seers. Mahtarion gathered a vast force of volunteers, and over the next three years he systematically beat the hobgoblins. The peace treaty signed when the hobgoblins begged for mercy stands to this day, as a reminder of the wrath of the elves in their sorrow.

The Vast Swamp

Almost entirely unexplored, The Vast Swamp is known to border on Tavarinor to the west, The Frigid Sea to the north, Longstrand to the south, and probably the mountains of Nan Mehtar to the west.