The Valley of Warriors is a place of contrasts: From the wild orcish nation to the elegant elven kingdom; from snowy mountain massifs to steaming, festering swamplands; from long-forgotten lore and hidden treasures to fierce and hard-fought struggles for survival.
Many kinds of creature cross each others’ paths here in a natural crossroads of the world. Giants travel through on mysterious business, hobgoblins scout the area looking for weaknesses to pounce on, and the ruins of nameless or long dead realms jut the landscape and release ancient terrors and wonders on the present. Yes, there is even talk of dragons, of fiendish cults, and powerful, magical artefacts to be found in Nan Mehtar.
It is a place where only the brave, the wary and the able survive. They go forth to wrest the truth from ancient legends, to strike against the darkness gathering in secrecy, and to challenge the snares and traps laid by sinister forces. It is a place that calls out to those who would be heroes!

Campaign Style

Nan Mehtar is the elven name for The Valley of Warriors, and it is named for good reason. Goblinoids and their like fight over their strongholds and roam the valley. Even those areas patrolled are not completely safe; small groups sneak past perimeters, local wildlife includes bears and mountain lions, and there is no holding out the flying beasts and monsters. And civilization holds its own dangers, lurking beneath the surface. Once you leave the regions patrolled by dwarves, elves or humans, the danger increases rapidly.
But it is out there in the unknown that the greatest secrets and treasures await. Braving them is what adventurers do. Only if they do it well and cleverly can they hope to survive.
PCs need to be (or at least become) brave and good people at heart. They need to be able to cooperate meaningfully with each other. And if they are to be successful, they should not make enemies of the local ‘good guys’.

About the Sandbox

This campaign is what is called a ‘sandbox’. Stay inside the edges, and don’t throw sand at the other players (or the DM), and do try to cooperate. Find something you want to do, and go do it together. Build something, dig something up, shape what already exists, and by all means bring your toy cars, sand mills, sieves and plastic shovels; but not the football or the electric train, dear. The sandbox is there for you all to play in. The more you put into the game, the more you’re likely to get out of it. And tell us if you find any cat’s poop. We’ll try and get rid of it.