Campaign and House Rules

Starting Intelligence gives a number of bonus languages and/or tool proficiencies equal to the ability bonus.
Dwarf tool proficiency may be with Mining Tools.
The high elf cantrip can be from any list save Warlock, and it is governed by Int, Wis or Cha as appropriate to the spell list.
Bard’s Magical Secrets count spells exclusive to paladin and ranger lists as a level higher than they are to paladins and rangers, respectively.
Moon druids can wild shape only up to CR ½ at levels 2-4.
Proficiency in Medicine grants the Healer feat.
(Elven) Longswords can have the Finesse quality instead of Versatile.
Staffs are not Versatile, and deal only d4 damage; but they can be used as if two-weapon fighting.
Downtime is tied to sessions where the player was absent, not campaign time.
Dealing non-lethal damage costs Inspiration.
Inspiration rules are slightly rewritten.
Level advancement will be milestone-based.

PC creation

A PC starting above level 2 starts with 25gp extra per level above 2: +25gp at level 3, +50gp at 4, +75gp at 5, etc.
Every PC must have at least one Motivation.
Stats are chosen from a list of arrays. It is possible to start with a feat by having the highest number in the array cut by two points. The feat must be picked from the following list: Athlete, Actor, Dungeon Delver, Durable, Inspiring Leader, Keen Mind, Linguist, Mage Slayer, Magic Initiate*, Mobile, Observant, Ritual Caster*, Skilled, or Skulker.
Restricted PHB races: Drow, variant humans, and dragonborn. Non-PHB races are permitted on a case by case basis (but no flying races will be allowed).
PHB races feared and/or hated: Gnomes, half-orcs, tieflings.
Restricted PHB class: Monk.
Restricted PHB sub-classes: Beastmaster ranger, both sorcerer’s origins, fiend and great old one warlock, illusion and necromancy wizard. Campaign-specific ‘High Elf Bloodline’, as well as Storm Sorcery and Favored Soul from other sources are available instead.

*: If you intend to multiclass into a casting character, and you chose spells from this feat corresponding to that class, you may switch this feat for another on the list when you take your first level in that class.
Example: Rian the Fighter begins with Magic Initiate for a Cleric spell and two Cleric cantrips; this is to show how he received religious instruction although he failed to become a paladin in his backstory. At level 3, he decides to multiclass into Cleric. At this point, he gains most of the benefits of the feat from his new class. This is an appealing growth of his character, and he gets to choose a different feat from the list if he wants to. He chooses Inspiring Leader, as that corresponds well with the sort of person he is becoming.