Rusty Tealeaf gathered Falin, Frëa and König together, with the intention of doing something secret with something secret, and to return to the previously visited old hobgoblin fort and defy the phase spiders there and take their treasure. In preparation, König bought two specially prepared alchemical fire arrows from Salrog. The group set off and had a peaceful journey south. But beyond the Southern Watchtower, they had a very intense fight with some Mudrunner goblins riding worgs. The group beat off the attack, killing a few of the goblins and worgs, but sustained considerable damage themselves. They returned to the watchtower to rest and recover, and the next evening they set out again. This time they reached the fort, scaled its walls while engaging in a ranged contest with a dozen kobold defenders, and conquered the structure. They slew every last kobold in the place.
They did something secret about something secret, and then took a meal. During the meal, they were interrupted by something scuttling about the fort. They went to look, but found nothing, as it seemed to scuttle off on hearing them.
Refreshed, the group then took the phase spiders’ treasure, and headed back towards the Southern Watchtower. On the way they encountered more goblins, and the pursuing phase spiders took the chance and attacked from out of the ethereal plane. The group were well prepared for this, however, and very quickly slew one of the spiders, causing the two remaining to flee. Then the group drove off the goblins.
Moving on, the group had a close encounter with orc soldiers, but they managed to evade them in the dark. When they reached the southern watchtower, the guards asked them to leave when they heard the group was being followed by phase spiders. So they trudged through the night to Chepdale, where they went to Nîla’s tower to ask for help. Scior the Darkling helped facilitate contact to Nîla's apprentice Lorelei, who was happy to get a chance to capture two phase spiders. She promptly did so with help from the darklings.
Grateful for the help, Kônig offered to perform some service in return, and he was asked to recover the magical orb in the Derro dungeon for study.
Among the phase spiders’ treasure, the group found a decorated shield of dwarven make, which Falin found out belonged to someone in Fort Drycliff. He intends to bring it there if the opportunity presents itself.

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