Haldor was eager to achieve better standing with the suspicious dwarves of the Coldstone Clan. He had heard that the dwarves had put a bounty on the heads of two ettins in Drycliff Valley. They (and Taritti-cheg the hobgoblin) would also like to have definite knowledge of where the Flaming Glory kobolds had their primary base, and considerable sums were promised to those who could provide such intelligence.
So Haldor gathered Falin, Frëa and Thelio, and they headed towards Fort Drycliff. The dwarves were still not willing to let them inside, but the guards gave directions to where the ettins could be found: In an old hobgoblin fort guarding the pass to the Mournwind Highlands, in the far south and west of Drycliff Valley.
As the group set out in this direction, they came across a sizeable troops of kobolds, over a hundred. Thelio used his chameleon cloak to scout closer, and saw that they belonged to the Flaming Glory. The group then backtracked quickly to Fort Drycliff, to warn the dwarves of this large raid.
While gruff and still suspicious, the dwarves were also grudgingly appreciative, and suggested to the adventurers that they move on. The kobolds were likely to put a force outside Fort Drycliff to keep dwarven troops in, while the rest of the raiders headed up the road to catch any traders. With good warning, the traders would be warned to turn back.
With the situation well in hand, the group finally reached the hobgoblin fort. They found it defended by three unusually able skeletons working a ballista, in addition to the expected pair of ettins. The adventurers were not sorely tried in defeating this curiously disparate group of defenders, and they also found the ettins’ treasure trove.
But they also sensed a dark presence in the one remaining tower of the ruined fort. They proceeded up the stairs to confront a huge, ghostly raven, with strange powers. The group managed to beat it down before it killed any of them. It quickly began to degrade after its defeat, but one of its feathers remained. It turned out to have some useful properties when worn.
Having cleared the fort, the group took shelter for a time, and then headed west and north in search of the kobold stronghold. During their search, they found a hill giant fort, had an encounter with a harpy (which they escaped safely), and they found petrified kobolds in the southern part of the Kobold Forest.
They finally found the kobold town at the foot of the volcano called Mount Firepeak. From here it was a short trek through Kobold Forest to the Snake Cult Temple, where Taritti-cheg received the intelligence he sought.
He duly paid the adventurers, and informed them that the Mistcaster clan would mobilize troops and start massing them, but that the siege of Mount Firepeak would likely have to wait until spring. The group then activated a Rune of Teleportation and returned to Ambassador Brok in Chepdale, who handed over the rewards for the ettins and the whereabouts of the kobold fortress.

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