Serafina was very near to finishing her business with Lysandra. Sera had contacted the erinyes and taken on the task of freeing her, to prevent the Knights of the Raven from doing this. She had found Brazerin’s spellbook in his abandoned tower, and found in it a ritual that would melt the ice prison. And now she needed only perform that ritual to free Lysandra and claim her reward.
So Serafina brought together a group of willing participants (Falin, Frëa, Lewis and Thelio), and did not go out of her way to stress the devilish nature of the person to be freed. Instead, she pointed out that, as Oathkeeper to the Shadowsong clan of hobgoblins, Lysandra was one of the nails holding together the peace treaty between the Shadowsong clan and the elves of Tavarinor.
The group had a fairly uneventful journey to Drycliff Valley, only attacking a (very brave) group of kobolds that were hiding near their route. They made a stop in a convenient cave for the night, and the next day they spotted the old hobgoblin temple in the distance.
As they approached, they noticed what appeared to be a black housecat, inexplicably sitting on a rock some distance away. This raised Serafina’s heckles, and indeed it turned out to presage an attack on her. Tycheros, a handsome blond man with a hauntingly beautiful voice, using confusing and unsettling magic, set a group of four quicklings on the adventurers, while staying in the background himself hurling magic and insults. When subjected to a powerful magical attack by Frëa, he seemed to dissolve into mist and disappear. The quicklings fought on, however, and inflicted surprising amounts of damage before they were returned to the feywild where they came from.
After binding their wounds and catching their breaths, the group entered the temple, and Serafina dismissed the guardian flameskull acting as warden there. Hearing more activity elsewhere in the temple courtyard, they quickly entered the building and shut themselves in.
Here they waited and recovered, and using Brazerin’s notes they summoned a spirit of fire to thaw out the magical prison of ice that still held Lysandra trapped. As the spirit laboured, a mezzoloth arrived in the courtyard, and in Xora’s name it broke down the great temple doors. It then forced its way inside, and its skeleton servants swarmed in after it. Yet another magical blast from Frëa sent the mezzoloth back to its home plane, but not before it snarled something about ‛this is not over’ at her. After that, the skeletons were easily mopped up.
As the fire spirit was nearly done with its task, a familiar trio appeared; Sir Griswald and Sir Gunther, two Knights of the Raven, and Lady Varna. Sir Griswald proclaimed that they wanted to speak with Lysandra when she was freed, and they behaved peacefully and even politely. When asked who their leader was, he proudly proclaimed him to be Lord Mordus, a general of the old Empire. He had been a hero to the Empire, but had met his end in Nan Mehtar long ago, hunted by the emperor’s forces. The Knights of the Raven had been his personal guard. Sir Griswald declined to reveal where the knights had their headquarters for security reasons, though he seemed apologetic about this.
Once Lysandra was loosed, she summarily dismissed the trio without hearing what they had to say. They obliged her after a low, brief dialogue amongst themselves. Lysandra then sent for her hobgoblin allies telepathically, and asked the group to remain in the temple to guard it until they arrived. She and Sera took some time to converse in private, and they were alone for about an hour at one point.
Once the hobgoblins arrived, they turned out to be led by Shak-tûl, a Shadowsong captain, who had led a contingent of mercenaries during Scarlet’s attack on the Snake Cult Temple. After conferring with him, Lysandra asked the adventurers to bring a message to ambassador Yarohtar in Chepdale. She wanted the hobgoblins and elves to negotiate an agreement for the Shadowsong to temporarily bring a large force into Nan Mehtar. The purpose was to make war on Xora and her minions for the effrontery of attacking their Oathkeeper and desecrating their temple. She paid the adventurers well for this service and the day they had spent guarding the temple.
Deciding to see if they could avoid spending an expensive Rune of Teleportation, the group then decided to journey home rather than teleport. They had a brutal clash with a group of bugbears a few hours out. Though they eradicated the threat, they were sufficiently shaken afterwards that they decided to use their rune to avoid risks while they were injured.
In Chepdale they turned the message over to Yarohtar, who asked them if they had any opinions on the hobgoblins or their Oathkeeper. Some of the group told him what little they knew, but gave no opinions one way or the other.
Frëa expressed disappointment in Serafina for not revealing straight away that Lysandra was an erinyes, and was only grudgingly turned away from the subject by being paid her share of the treasure.

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