Lewis Smith had heard rumours that a group of adventurers had seen a ruined temple from an old snake cult in the Kobold Forest. He considered the possibility of evil lurking in such ruins, whether remnants from the sinister-seeming religion, or others settling there after, and found that an expedition to find out more was warranted.
With some help from Oberon at The Laughing Sage, Lewis gathered Celebrimbor, Rusty and Thelio as interested participants, and they headed towards the Western Watchtower under a bright sky and a sweltering sun. On the way, they helped a herdsman capture a lost sheep, and on arriving at the tower they were caught up to by Fnuk, who had heard of their intentions a little late, and set out to follow them.
After some talk with the local watchmen about the dangers of the area, the group headed down to Kobold Forest. Here they met Anarcalë the high elf druid, who warned them that a kobold patrol was near. When the druid realized that the group had no intention of evading the kobolds, he left them to their own devices.
The kobolds stood no chance and were soon mopped up, and the group proceeded to the temple. By then they were getting tired from the day’s walking, and they took only a distant look at the 60’ tall, terraced, and pyramidic building.
They found a great fallen tree, which was hollow enough to serve as camp site and hiding spot. A hunting troll came by during the night, but it failed to notice the group, and a fight or chase was avoided.
On inspecting the temple more closely, the group found it held by kobolds, and the local wildlife informed them that the small beings had a magician among them. As the group launched their assault to capture the temple, they found that the kobolds fought with some determination, and that indeed one of their number was a magician who used fire magic in defence of the temple. Though Fnuk was charmed by the magician at one point, causing some considerable confusion in the group, eventually the kobolds were wiped out with none escaping.
Being wounded and tired after the fight, the group made a cursory examination of the temple. There was a stone gate to the unseen interior, and it seemed clear that the kobolds had not opened it. On top of the temple stood a sacrificial altar, and it radiatied evil when studied. Feeling rather exposed, the group decided to use their Rune of Teleportation bought from Nîla to return to Chepdale.
At home they took the time to examine some of the things they had captured from the kobold magician: A magical, obsidian bead (which Rusty quickly palmed), and a fine knife of dwarven make, with faint runes on it, with the message “Help being held by kobolds”.

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