Ambassador Yarohtar approached the newly arrived Quelenna about making an exploratory raid on a kobold-held cave system. The caves were located partly beneath the river in the Kobold Forest, making it possible to cross the river by going under it. This makes the caves a key strategic area in the expected war between the kobolds of the Flaming Glory and the Mistcaster hobgoblins. Yarohtar would like to know what was in those caves before the hobgoblins capture them, and without raising a lot of suspicions. So rather than sending official Tavarinor troops, he hoped to send adventurers.
Quelenna recruited another newcomer, Alfred Hopkins, and the two were joined by veteran adventurers Falin and Lewis. They all set out for the Southern Watchtower, with the hopes of avoiding the hobgoblin-held Snake Cult Temple. On the way, the group saw tracks from a mountain lion, and felt a tremor in the ground. Alfred knew that minor earth quakes are fairly common in Nan Mehtar, as it is a volcanically active region.
The group also encountered Sir Ulric, who informed Lewis that he was taking time from his secret quest to search for the missing Sisala. To that end, he had visited the Mistcaster hobgoblins to ask them whether they knew anything of her whereabouts. Apparently, they had not trusted the young knight completely, and he felt they might know more than they had told him.
Once the group had entered the easternmost parts of the Kobold Forest, they found a good place to make camp. They were disturbed an hour before dawn by a group of orcs, led by an Eye of Gruumsh – a war cleric of the orcish deity. Even surprised in camp, the group were not seriously tested by this assault, but as they noticed a worg slipping away after the fight, they decided to move camp.
They found a decent cave, and apart from a brief interruption by a flock of crows, finished their rest in peace. Then they moved deeper inside the forest, looking for an entrance to the cave system.
Climbing a tall tree to look around for a possible rocky area, Quelenna spied the opening on the other side of the river, and saw that it was guarded by a small stone tower. The group then looked for kobold tracks where they were, and quickly followed them to the cave opening on their side of the river. It, too, was guarded by a small tower with multiple arrow slits.
On assaulting the area, the group used magical fog to blind the kobolds in the tower, but still had quite a fight on their hands. The kobolds had fortified the area with traps, portcullises, trained rats, and even shooting blindly, the kobolds in the tower occasionally got lucky. The adventurers fought past these dangers, and found their way inside. Here they found that the artificial opening to the cave system led to a large lava tube, some 20’ broad. It could be followed towards the other side of the river, and the defences in place over there, or in the other direction. From there, the echoing sounds indicated quite a few kobolds, likely with an access point to the tower outside.
Already smarting from the long, aggravating fight, the group decided to activate a Rune of Teleportation, and return to Chepdale before the kobolds could organize a counterattack.
Yarohtar was grateful for the observations the group had made, and would be further grateful for clear intelligence on what sort of place the kobolds has built for themselves in the tunnel, and sure knowledge of any further defences of the crossing.

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