Divitius had found that the epidemic affecting the local wolves seemed centred in an area, where the only feature of interest was a hunting cabin. Since this building belonged to the Chepdale’s Merchants’ Guild, he was hesitant to risk the druids’ relationship with the city by breaking in. On the other hand, if someone in the guild was responsible for the disease, going to the guild could give warning to any merchant or functionary implicated in the affair.
So Divitius turned to a third option, and in so many words asked Haldor and König to find out what was going on out there. Haldor was the first to react, and he recruited Corr, Frëa, Serafina and Thelio to come along.
On their way to the cabin, the group encountered the mad old miner Drere, a dwarf who claimed to be searching for a mithril mine. He gave them much information, though little of it useful. But he was grateful for the rations given to him.
Finding the hunting cabin, the group also faced three diseased wolves, attacking together. They were still in the early stages of the disease, and so were still in full vigour, but they posed little threat to the group and were swiftly dispatched.
The hunting cabin itself seemed to have been closed down for the foreseeable future, with most items removed and cloth placed over the furniture to protect it. After a fairly thorough search, finding only the barest clues that alchemy had taken place in or near the cabin, the group headed back towards Chepdale.
On the way, Divitius intercepted them. While he examined their wolf-inflicted wounds for signs of infection, he listened to their report. It only made him more certain that there was more to the cabin than was visible at first glance, and the group agreed to go back and spend the evening in a more thorough search.
In so doing, they finally found a secret passage in the fireplace, and then a series of rooms below. These were guarded by undead and a magical portrait of Lord Mordus, which cast spells. Once these dangers had been neutralized, the group searched the complex, finding it had been able to hold about two dozen people. They recovered a discarded draft of a map, and found several secret compartments, one of which held a mechanism that allowed them to activate an access stair to a lower level of the complex.
But at this point, a group of Regulars arrived at the scene. Divitius had informed the Merchants’ Guild, who unfortunately reacted without secrecy, and sent the Regulars to the cabin to secure the place, until a meeting could be held and all the facts be sorted out.
Once the merchants had decided that Divitius’ actions, as well as those of the adventurers, had been in good faith, they offered anyone of the group free access to probe further into the secret complex, with a small group of their choosing. It also transpired that the man in charge of the cabin, a human called Ernst, had fled as soon as he heard that the cabin had been compromised. The city watch were dispatched to his home, but they stumbled into a magical fire trap, which killed two guards and started a huge blaze which soon burned the house down.

There is now a bounty on Ernst: 200gp if captured alive. He was last seen headed north out of Chepdale along the road to Lemyanost.

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