Haldor received a visit at The Laughing Sage from His Reverence Head Cleric Jarrett Robertson. His Reverence wanted to align the adventurers’ efforts against the cultists with those of the Tilaus clergy. He appointed Geneva of the Ordo Adamanteus as his liaison in the matter.
Then Haldor joined Serafina and Thelio in the common common room, where loud and newly arrived Fnuk was looking for someone to help with a mission for Nîla.
On speaking to Sigmund, the group were informed of the nature of the mission: In researching teleportation magiks, Nîla wanted three rituals with test objects performed at the shore of Lake Moringwë. The topography and geology of the mountains between the lake and Chepdale would assure maximum difficulty, and test whether these rituals would function everywhere in Nan Mehtar they were attempted.
The group then went to Salrog’s shop to get a supply of healing potions paid for by Nîla. Then they sought permission to enter elven lands from ambassador Yarohtar in the Residential District. His secretary made the arrangements, and the group was ready to move.
On their journey north along the road towards Lemyanost, they encountered a group of daring kobolds. These were promptly trapped by magic and then soundly thrashed.
The group passed by a fortified inn called The Resting Griffon, and then sought to enter the elven lands at a bridge across a wide river. The group was denied entry, however, as the elves were worried they would be unable to get to Lemyanost before they would need to rest. Apparently, the forest of Voreahendi is safe enough on the road by day, but much less so at night.
The group then returned to The Resting Griffon and had a talk with Kohl, the guard captain of the inn. He was very interested in news, and on finding the group well informed and willing to share, he gave them a large discount on staying at the inn, and bought them plenty of drink.
Fnuk and Thelio had decided to go hunting, however, and went off into the hills in search of goats. They found a flock of goats and killed several, and then wanted to lure something bigger with their catch. This plan worked all too well, when they were attacked by a chimera, which swooped down on them from the darkness. A short, desperate struggle ensued, in which Fnuk was slain and Thelio managed to escape while the beast feasted on Fnuk’s mighty corpse.
Hurrying back after his friends, hoping against hope to find Fnuk alive and drive the chimera off, Thelio met a lone elven scout, who went with him. They picked up Haldor and Serafina, and the elf tracked for them and found the remains of Fnuk.
The group then took the remains back to Chepdale, where they negotiated with Geneva to have Fnuk resurrected for 1000gp and three missions for the Tilaus clergy.

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