Tairon intended to go to Khaz Zirâk in the south of Drycliff Valley. The lingering magic in the city’s main gate should lift the curse he had suffered under, ever since his visit to the Derro Dungeon. So Tairon gathered Falin, Frëa, and Lewis, and they had unexpected company from the dwarf Lofar Galmundson. Lofar was of the Firebeard clan, the ones who built Khaz Zirâk, and he had travelled far to spread his grandfather’s ashes in their ancestral home.
The group set out in good weather, and had a short encounter with Divitius the druid on their way. In Drycliff Valley they noticed two goblins on worgs, but neither side seemed eager to fight. As their day's march ended, the group found a cave to spend the night in: A few hours before dawn they were joined there by Sir Wolfe and his retainers, who had been obliged to move their own camp when a giant drew near.
The next day the group found the entrance to the ancient dwarven city, but had some trouble reaching the gate due to a collapsed bridge. After some careful climbing and creative rope use, they found that the platform before the gate was littered with drow corpses. The evil elves had been left out to die in the sun, their limbs cruelly fastened to the platform.
Once inside, Tairon’s curse was lifted, and only the depositing of the ashes remained. The group had three directions they could proceed in; into an area apparently infested with troglodytes; towards and area controlled by chitines, who were the presumed killers of the drow outside; or deeper inside the mountain to the inner city and tunnel hub of Khaz Zirâk.
They chose the troglodyte area, and found a place to dispose of the ashes, where they would be taken to the flow of lava deeper down. Then they looked around for a bit and found an old three-dimensional map of Khaz Zirâk. And finally they decided to seek out some troglodytes, partly in the hopes that they would have gathered some treasures. The areas they had traversed until then had held nothing of monetary value.
The group found a troglodyte lair, and slew about a dozen of the beasts. Two of them were uncommonly large, but even they had little chance against the adventurers.
Having disposed of most of the troglodytes, the group found the reptiles' treasure pile, and plundered it. Then they returned to Chepdale, using a Rune of Teleportation.
Lofar put in a good word for the group with Brok, the ambassador from the Coldstone Clan, and Brok told them a bit about the weapon runes and other equipment that the Coldstone Clan could make commercially available to adventurers.

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