Serafina had taken an oath to set Lysandra free. Lysandra had suggested looking for a spellbook belonging to the wizard Brazerin. So Serafina recruited Aron, Falin, Lewis, and Rusty to enter Brazerin’s tower north of Chepdale.
Before they set out, the group sought information about Lysandra and Brazerin in Chepdale. The sage Beoric (and his talking chimp) were consulted, as was Nîla’s library (by way of conversation with Sigmund). They had wanted to look at the Tilaus temple’s library as well, but it turned out to be highly expensive or quite bureaucratic to do so.
The group left for The Resting Griffon and spent the night there. The next day they entered Vorëahendi via the bridge, and followed the river east to the tower. Their most noteworthy encounter was with a group of begging kenku on the road to the bridge.
The tower proved in mostly good condition, although individual storeys were sharply affected by tiny mephits. Mud mephits had ruined most of the furniture and art on the ground level, for instance. Since these malicious elementals exploded on being defeated, they proved a danger to the more delicate loot in the tower, especially the library. They were not, however, a real challenge to the magically and martially capable group. They fought their way to a study on a storey infested with ice mephits, where a spellbook was found on a desk. Disarming its defences they examined the find. Believing this was what they had come for, the group used their Rune of Teleportation to get back with most of the books from the library (and a map). They gave the books into the custody of Nîla, to be kept in case Brazerin returned one day. They kept one magical book, however, given to Falin.

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