Recently arrived in Chepdale, Celebrimbor was in need of money. He had heard that the Regulars at the Northern Watchtower were offering bounties on goblins to help keep the menace down to a manageable level. Asking Oberon in The Laughing Sage for advice on some people to approach, the innkeeper suggested Donner, Fnuk and Lewis. Lewis, like Celebrimbor, was recently arrived, and all three recruits were keen on culling the goblin population and earning some cash on it.
The group set out in what looked to be a decent day, but the notoriously fickle Nan Mehtar weather quickly shifted to a windstorm. Undeterred, the group pressed on, hopeful that the strong winds would prove an asset against goblin archers.
After crossing the river, the group had a short encounter with mad old Drere the dwarf miner (though none of them knew his name at the time), but decided to let him work his mad way for the time being. Shortly after, they had to seek shelter from a period of bad hail. But after five or so hours, they reached the Northern Watchtower.
The guards informed the group that a right goblin ear could be redeemed for 5gp, and proof of demise of a Mudrunner goblin (in the form of their brown tribal tattoo) was worth an additional 5gp. The guards also suggested some likely spots to find goblin groups.
The bounty hunters headed north from the tower, and soon found tracks from fleeing goblins. They pursued the goblins and found them having made camp in a gully, where the wind was less fierce. The group quickly surrounded the goblins and slew them, and then took over their camp site.
Resting for the night, the hunters had a near encounter with a group of ten or so worg-riding goblins, and they wisely decided to let them pass in ignorance of the party’s presence. Later the group tried to do the same with five passing ogres, but an ogre answering the call of nature found the adventurers, as he was looking for a place to relieve himself. A brief exchange of missiles and a hasty retreat later, and the group settled down elsewhere for the rest of the night, with no further complications.
The next day dawned on a brilliantly beautiful day, the storm having blown itself out and clear skies and a hot sun soon dominating the valley. The group set about tracking again, and found a resting group of goblins about twelve strong and once again successfully attacked and neutralized them. And from this location, they could see two mesas further north, which the guards by the tower had told them would be a likely place to find goblins.
Scouting the area, they found that each mesa had a platform on top of it, and there was a primitive rope bridge between the mesas, and another one to a nearby cliff. A brown flag flew over the tallest mesa, signalling the Mudrunner clan’s intention to hold this lookout spot against invaders.
The goblins indeed fought hard when the group assaulted, and they had both four worgs and several traps to hinder the bounty hunters. The goblin willingness to cut down the rope bridges proved another obstacle, but as it turned out, only goblins fell from the mesas to their deaths during the fight.
Having won a striking victory, the group returned to reap their bounties, and then to Chepdale.

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