Faramond Holdiss is a recognized artist from Longstrand, currently in Nan Mehtar to paint the views. He had heard of a particularly beautiful waterfall south of Chepdale, and was looking to hire some guides and bodyguards to take him there safely.
Zethrion recruited his friend Vondal for the mission, along with a newly arrived elf called Myander. Together they set out the next day.
Their journey was fairly eventful, the high points being the eradication of some stirges, and an encounter with a surly knight from Longstrand with his retinue of mercenary soldiers. Aside from that, the greatest obstacle was the fickle and sometimes dangerous weather of Nan Mehtar.
Arriving at the waterfall, the guides and bodyguards scoured the area, and noticed that the waterfall had at some point ground a hole into a natural cave, which could now be accessed for those willing to brave the cold, cold water of a mountain stream. But since their mission was to guard Faramond, they did not explore the place further right then. They did notice tracks, which indicated that some sort of creature regularly came out of the pool. It seemed very likely that the cave was inhabited and had air.
With Faramond having finished his sketch-work, the group escorted him back to Chepdale, and spent a night at The Laughing Sage, where they told people of their intention of returning to the cave. They left Chepdale soon after sunup, and haven’t been heard from since.

Faramond believes the trio should be able to do the journey back and forth in two days, and now four have passed since their departure. He is worried about them, and has offered a reward of 100gp to anyone bringing news of them, and another 25gp for each brought back alive and safe to Chepdale.

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