Elven Equipment

The elves of Tavarinor have various enemies in Nan Mehtar, but none as immediately threatening as the orcs of Shargûldor. To aid those who also fight the orcs, the elves make some of their special equipment and weapons available for trade.
If the elves were to find that someone traded or gifted these items to others, or used them shamefully, it would constitute a serious breach of trust and have lasting repercussions on the goodwill of the elves.

For Enemies of the Orcs

Elven Arrow
When an elven arrow is used as ammunition for a bow, precision shooting becomes just a little easier. It allows the attacker to reroll 1s on their damage rolls – though if the reroll is a 1, you are stuck with it. This makes it particularly useful to snipers, as the effect applies to any dice added to the attack, provided the source is not magical.
The arrows are bought in batches of 20, costing 100gp for each batch.

Elvish Rope
A long length of rope, which is very light (1lbs per 25’) and soft on the hands. When commanded by a good-aligned creature holding on to one end, the rope will slip any knots or snags and coil itself in the hand in a few seconds. A non-magical blade cannot cut the rope, but it is vulnerable to attacks such as flame.
500gp per 50’.

Light of Elenarda
A small glass flask containing captured light of the stars over Tavarinor. Any good-aligned creature holding this can cause it to glow with an action, and shed dim light in a 30’ radius for as long as it is held.
The holder can also speak a word of power and cast Sacred Flame as a bonus action once per short or long rest, with a damage based on the holder’s level, and a save DC of 18.
And the vial can be flung up to 30’, and on shattering it will explode in starry radiance, dealing 8d6 radiant damage to all creatures in a 10’ radius, half with a successful dexterity saving throw DC 18.

For Friends of the Elves

Silmataule Longbow
Made from a branch of a silmataule tree in a secret process, this longbow deals 1d10 piercing damage, has a range of 200/700, and the qualities ammunition, heavy and two-handed.

Rusérion Longsword
This type of longsword was designed for the war against the hobgoblins almost two hundred years ago, but they cleave orcs of today just as well. Their damage die is 1d10 (1d12 two-handed), and their qualities are Versatile and Finesse. They are considered magical and silver weapons for purposes of overcoming resistance to weapon damage.

Elven Scout Armour
This Light armour is made of troll oak, magically sculpted and fused into a hard and light chain mail shirt of dark and dull greys and browns. It provides an AC of 13 + dexterity modifier, and weighs 10 lbs

For the Satari

Elven Chain
Made from an alloy that includes mithril and iron, this medium armour grants you 14 + dex modifier (max +3) AC. It weighs 25 lbs.
You are considered proficient with this chain shirt even if not normally proficient in medium armour.

Forest Raiment
A set of cloak and boots that seems a light grey most of the time, but which subtly shifts to considerably aid the wearer in avoiding detection. The set's full power requires attunement, but then grants advantage on all Stealth checks. The clothes are also very pleasant to wear, and whether attuned or nor they grant the wearer advantage on checks and saves to avoid the effects of extreme weather.

Elven Battle Armour
Rarely used except when the orcs are met in pitched battle, this medium armour is the heaviest usually seen on high elf forces. It consists of segmented plates of mithril alloys, with a layer of chain mail backing where it would otherwise be vulnerable to precision stabs.
It requires str 13 to wear without having one’s speed reduced, and it gives an AC of 16 + dex modifier (max 2). Due to its shiny quality and relative lack of flexibility, it gives disadvantage on Stealth checks. It weighs 30 lbs.