Dwarven Equipment

Though less isolationist than most mountain dwarves, the Coldstone Clan of Drycliff Valley are careful whom they allow within their walls. Those who are so trusted have the chance to buy some unusually fine (but expensive) equipment.
If someone manages to rise further in the esteem of the clan, they will make progressively more impressive options available.

For Guests of Fort Drycliff

War Horn
When blown as an action, any goblin or kobold with a CR of 1 or less within 120’ who can hear the horn must make a wisdom save with a DC of 13. If they fail, they must spend their action on their next turn on either Dash (away from the sound) or Dodge. This effect cannot occur more than once per short or long rest.
You may try to do more than merely blow the horn, and so make a Performance/Charisma check when using the horn. Then you use the result of the Performance roll as the DC for the saving throw.

Mountaineering Gear
When you put on this cumbersome harness, you have advantage on Athletics checks to climb, and advantage on all dexterity saves and checks related to falling. It also functions as a set of climber’s kit.

Throwing Axe
These elegant throwing axes take no penalty when thrown at long range, and they count as magical weapons. Beyond that, they have the same stats as normal hand axes.

For Friends of the Coldstone Clan

War Goat
Except for the speed and the smell, the war goat is in every way superior to the war horse as a battle mount. War goats are also able to move in terrain a horse wold find impossible. War goats require 5sp worth of feed every day they are working in the field.
Exact stats will not be shown here, but given to players when their PCs have something to go on.

Dwarven Chain Mail
Dwarves craft these suits of chain mail with great care and patience. The alloy is a secret variant of steel, which does not buff up to be shiny. It can be made in black, grey, white and brown. It is medium armour, and grants an AC of 17 + dex (max 1). It gives disadvantage on Stealth checks.

Dwarven War Axe
This design of the war axe has remained unimproved for two thousand years. Dwarven war axes deal 1d10 damage when wielded one-handed, or 1d12 in two hands with the Versatile trait. It can even be Thrown in an emergency (range 20/60). It counts as a magical and silver weapon for dealing with damage resistance.

For Allies of the Mountain Dwarves

Dwarven War Mask
The war masks of the mountain dwarves are a sign of high honour, and will only be crafted for the most deserving of individuals.
While wearing this helmet, the face plate is either up or down. You can, as a bonus action, lift the face plate up or move it down in defensive position. While it is down, your ordinary sense of sight is negated, but you gain advantage on all dexterity saving throws against area of effect damage.
If you are attuned to the war mask, it grants you 60’ darkvision while the face plate is in defensive position (bypassing many causes of blindness). You also get advantage on all Intimidate checks while wearing the mask, no matter the position of the face plate. And you can sense the location of invisible opponents within 5’ of you, giving you their exact location.

Dwarven Plate Mail
Due to the precision of dwarven craftsmanship, and the secret alloys of steel they use for armour, their plate mails are highly sought after. Such a suit of plate mail grants an AC of 19 (ignoring dex, as any suit of heavy armour). It requires a strength of 16 to wear without being slowed down, and causes disadvantage on stealth checks. It is much easier to doff than most heavy armour, taking only 1 minute to remove.

Dwarven Shield
If they take the time, dwarven armourers can create shields precisely suited to the owner. Such a shield grants a bonus of +3 to AC instead of +2, but only to its owner. To anyone else, it is a normal shield, albeit beautifully crafted and unusually durable.