A PC that does not participate in a game session gains one period of downtime instead. It is assumed that the PC lives in The Laughing Sage for the period and does some odd jobs to come out even financially speaking.


If the PC has the necessary tool proficiency, s/he can produce for up to (level+20)x2gp worth of equipment.

Favour Faction or Individual

The PC volunteers to help out a faction or person, and in return receives an improvement in the relationship (running the gamut of Hateful, Angry, Unfriendly, Neutral, Familiar, Friendly, Cordial, Loving). The higher level the PC, the greater the effect is, and the further from Neutral, the more it takes to shift further from Neutral.

Gather Information

The PC spends much time studying, talking to travellers, guards, elven scouts, learned folk, etc. and therefore gains an additional number of rumours equal to one third her or his level rounded up. One of those rumours is new.


It takes three periods of downtime to learn a new language or tool proficiency. It costs 85gp per period to train.


The PC works, probably with the mercenaries’ guild or merchants’ guild, or by using a craft proficiency. S/he gains level+20 gp.