Hoping to find some clues to the whereabouts of the remaining Mongrels, Aidarion gathered his comrade Svartsune and joined forces with Falin and Haldor. Together they left for the Mongrels' cave that was recently discovered, intending to search the areas that the Regulars had left untouched.
The area proved to be a burial site of The Second Culture. These were humanoids with a third eye in their foreheads, and they lived in Nan Mehtar after the fall of the Dromess culture to a magical catastrophe. They may even have been there along with the Dromess. The burial site was estimated to be hundreds of years old, maybe a thousand.
The burial site was guarded by animated statues and several kinds of undead, as well as the occasional trap. Many walls were decorated, apparently showing funereal rites, including gladiator fights to the death and living sacrifice of the three-eyed humanoids. A later addition to the area was an arena, which apparently could store magical energy from people or creatures slain there. This energy was then used to animate constructs of bone into powerful skeletal undead, one of which the group destroyed.
A secondary cave showed much more recent use, indicating that the Mongrels were not the first people to use the cave after The Second Culture.
The group also had conversation with Sigmund, an apprentice of the wizard Nîla. He came to the cave after the Regulars had left, and he was concerned with finding any clues of a dangerous shipment lost on its way from his mistress to Longstrand. While he found no clues to that, he was very interested in the burial site. He intended to have it thoroughly catalogued, and then collapsed to keep the magical artefacts and effects in the burial site from being used to evil ends.
On their way home, the group came across a large group of bandits, whom they ambushed and killed.

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