Having some unfinished business with Taritti-cheg the hobgoblin, Lewis gathered some friends around a table at The Laughing Sage: Frëa, Haldor, Rusty, and Serafina. They talked at length about what to do with Sisala and the other yuan-ti slaves held by Taritti-cheg. The group also sought some input from various other people, including Beoric the Sage and Yarohtar the ambassador from Tavarinor. Yarohtar pointed out the risk of starting a war if the group outright attacked the Mistcaster clan. The ambassador from the dwarven Coldstone clan, Brok, also pointed out that aggression against one hobgoblin clan brought the risk of uniting several clans against the aggressor. He would prefer to fight the hobgoblin clans one at a time, as they overstepped their bounds.
The group finally decided to go to the Snake Cult Temple and speak with Taritti-cheg. On their way there, they trounced nearly twenty kobolds lying in ambush. When speaking with the guards at the Western Watchtower and Sir Ulric (whom they encountered very near the temple), it seemed there was even more kobold activity in the area than usual for an area known as The Kobold Forest.
The adventurers spent a night resting up from their fight with the kobolds, and then approached the temple. They found it considerably better fortified than it used to be, and Taritti-cheg had also hired some twenty Shadowsong mercenaries under Shak-tûl, a hobgoblin captain.
The conversations and negotiations about the slaves was fraught with difficulty, considering the vast cultural differences between the oppressive hobgoblins and the liberal adventurers. But the group managed very well once they got going. Their key point was that slavery is frowned upon in the area, and the Mistcaster clan needed allies here – and not enemies. Taritti-cheg agreed to set the yuan-ti free in exchange for only 550gp in compensation, a great concession and a considerable financial cost to himself.
Soon after the negotiations were concluded, a horde of kobolds descended upon the temple. The hobgoblins had already shot several interlopers and skirmishers before the group arrived, but this was an all-out assault by perhaps as many as a thousand kobolds all told. Most of them never advanced from the reserves to the attack, however, as it turned out to be a short fight. The attackers consisted mostly of lowly kobolds using their slings, but as the fight progressed, the defenders had to contend with winged kobolds and scale sorcerers shooting rays of fire. The adventurers were assigned the shortest wall to defend, and they did so with great efficiency. They wiped out scores of kobolds in moments, and prevented them from reaching their wall.
But then the fight took a disheartening turn, because Scarlet the red dragon himself appeared on the scene. At first, he seemed content merely to awe the defenders and cheer the attackers, but once he was assaulted by Taritti-cheg’s spells, he dove down and scalded the hobgoblin mage with his fiery breath. The adventurers then attacked the dragon (since they had their wall completely under control), and came themselves under attack when the dragon turned on them and blasted most of them with its breath. But between them and Taritti-cheg (whose damp and cold spells were the perfect match for the wild fire of the dragon), Scarlet eventually decided to draw off rather than take risks. This caused the kobolds to abandon their assault as well.
The attack had been bloodily repulsed, with over four hundred kobolds left dead on the field, and only two dead among the hobgoblins – though most were more or less seriously injured.
Taritti-cheg then spoke about the possibility of opening diplomatic contact with Chepdale, and expressed himself willing to come to a some designated spot between Chepdale and the temple, if this would make it easier. He also promised a thousand gold pieces to anyone bringing him knowledge of the precise location of Mount Firepeak, the kobolds’ home town, base and fortress.

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