After a night of traditional dwarven drinking and boasting with ambassador Brok of the Coldstone Clan, Haldor found himself having promised to prove himself against the hill giants in their fort south of the Kobold Forest. Falin, Lewis, Quelenna, and Rusty were willing to join the effort, and Radbarg came with Rusty as usual.
The group set off in good weather, and had some peaceful encounters with local herders, and with Divitius the druid. He gave them a little tactical advice on dealing with hill giants (particularly to keep an open line of retreat at all times), and mentioned that the route they intended to pursue through the southern part of the Kobold Forest would lead them quite closely past a druidic circle of stones. That place was home to a medusa, and so it could be worth giving a wide berth to it. He also hinted that there was a sad tale to tell of that situation.
Taking shelter by the Southern Watchtower for the night, the adventurers headed into the forest the next day. Haldor’s magic let them pass the river well west of the medusa’s lair without incident. A good place to camp for the night was found, only a few hours from the fort.
The first one to approach the fort the next day was Rusty. He wanted to see if he could persuade the giants to stop attacking the dwarves. It turned out to be overly optimistic, and having borrowed Lewis’ proud steed proved a wise precaution. But before he retreated, Rusty indicated to the hill giant chieftain that he had an ‘army’ with him, and the direction to this force. The chieftain set out in pursuit, bringing a bunch of his fighters, and the adventurers set up to receive them on the edge of the forest. A terrific struggle ensued, as the huge brutes trampled their way through the trees and bushes, but gradually the giants were worn down by magic and steel. The chieftain escaped by expending some strange magic in his hat, but all his fighters were slain.
The adventurers returned to their previous camping spot, since it was comfortable and well hidden, carrying the most injured among them. On their way, they were met by the druid Anarcalë. He was not pleased with the violent disposition of the group, but for the sake of Haldor, who had been of assistance to the druids in the past, he used his healing abilities to get the severely injured back on their feet. The group then made it back to their camp, and here they planned and recuperated for the coming day.
After dawn, the group set out to try to lure the giants out from their fort for another confrontation. Several ploys were attempted, and the one that succeeded was having Falin walk out in the open, at some distance from the fort, and shout challenges and threats at the giants. Unable to endure this provocation, the remaining giants poured out from their cover, and a movement fight ensued. Once again, the adventurers were successful at the skin of their teeth, finally killing the chieftain as the last. But many of the victorious were injured, and most were very near exhaustion after the long, hard fight. Just before activating their Rune of Teleportation, they did take a quick look inside the fort, where they found the half-elf Remon. He was a wanderer, who had been captured by the hill giants. He had managed to convince the chieftain to keep him alive, so he could translate for them, as he knew many languages.
Remon also knew where the chieftain hid his treasure, and the adventurers plundered rich booty, returning Remon’s magical bow to him. Remon and Haldor seemed to hit it off, and Remon has attached himself to the cleric.
The group returned to Chepdale, where they received the grudging appreciation of Brok for having slain over a dozen hill giants. But the tale of the battle at the hill giant fort was soon told many a time, and with much embellishment, in The Laughing Sage’s common room.

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